DIGITAL HEALTH mobile point of care for
the most vulnerable
curbside services for communities delivering a broad range of diagnostics

The Ontario Medical Network Ambulatory Care Service has been designed to a provide a full range Of Assessment and diagnostic capabilities on-site. Serving senior residence, Long term facilities, and remote locations.

Ambulatory Care Services needs to be scheduled ahead of time. You may reach out to our operator to further discuss your needs.

On-Site Capabilities as follow:

  • On-Site Physician Assessment

  • SPO2 Pulse-Oximeter

  • Weight / Height and BMI

  • Thermometer

  • Non-Invasive Blood Pressure

  • ECG (3 lead or 12 lead)

  • Electronic Stethoscope

  • Spirometer

  • Respiratory Rate

  • Ultrasound

  • Glucometer

  • Audiogram Hearing Test

  • Medical Cameras

  • Video Laryngoscope

  • Future X-RAY * Coming Soon

  • Pharmacy on Wheels * Coming Soon